Subscriber Agreement

Subscribers license agreement: DOING BUSINESS WITH TGAClub

With your purchase of a subscription at Tommygunartclub.com LLC (heretofore know as “TGAClub”) you receive the ability to upload and post all types of your original music sound recordings or picture of any artwork on your own personal gallery. You receive the ability to promote and sell your original art on your page. You receive the ability to join competitions if those competitions are compatible with your “genre” of art. (apples against apples, ie., abstract art competes with abstract art and country songs compete with other country songs, etc). If there is a genre dispute, TGAClub ownership will determine compatibility.

If you start selling your art, this is the only determination that makes you a professional artist. If your art is monetizable it will be important to copyright and protect your creations. Time stamping procedures done during uploading of your original art can sometimes be helpful in the process to determine the inception and genesis, and hence, copyright of your original artwork.

TGAClub exists as a new type of digital and physical business in which the subscribers upload their original art creations to TGAClub creating their own web gallery. The artist then grants a license of their artworks to TGAClub so that the club can foster sales of their original art. TGAClub may have a digital art club feel but it is strictly a capitalistic venture. All uploaded art will be vigorously promoted for sale through numerous competitions as well as artist social media. This license agreement creates a partnership whereby the artist/subscriber and TGAClub become financial partners. The artist creates the work of art. The artist then grants TGAClub an irrevocable (FOREVER!!) license that runs in Perpetuity (FOREVER!!) to sell digital images and the physical artwork(unless a sound recording). Every sale of a digital copy of an original piece of art (starting after sales above the $100.oo threshhold) is divided 65% for TGAClub and 35% for the artist. The artist sets the price for physical art. TGAClub sets the price for digital copy costs. If you do not agree to this percent relationship, please DO NOT agree to these terms. Sale of the original piece of art is 65% for the artist and 35% for the club. If an original piece of art is posted, promoted and subsequently sold through TGAClub. TGAClub owns 35% of the sale of that piece of art in perpetuity until sold. "Prints" also sell at 65% for tgaclub and 35% to seller. Sponsored art will be held by TGAClub until the sponsorship event has ceased, or timed out. This makes TGAClub the distributor of YOUR artwork. Some might say these percentages are outrageous. DO NOT USE THIS SIGHT!! TGAClub sponsorship parameters, like TGAclub Crowd funding, are addressed with additional license agreements.

TGAClub becomes the art gallery for canvas, sculpture and other 1-off physical arts selling digital copies of that original art. And TGAClub becomes a modern day record company for recording artists. TGAClub owns a license to sell the sound recordings and owns a 35% percent stake in the future sale of that sound recording to any entity that also has the intent to distribute the sound recording. This license provides the Club with the ability to continue to sell digital recordings in perpetuity even if the sound recording master is sold to another entity. Social media, as well as all other Promotions are only limited to the imagination of TGAClub, the artist’s, and sponsorship.

The Club owns a 55% stake in all publishing revenues generated by TGAClub, with the artist receiving 45% of all publishing. Sponsors receive NO publishing revenues.

American-style martial arts rules apply. The club is run by happy ninjas. Do not upset the ninjas or you will end up in the OCTOGON! The collective weight of this community is esteemable. PLEASE NO HATERS! We hate haters and they have no place here in my digital art clubhouse. When you are here, as a business partner, or a guest, please comport yourself with the best of intentions for all other inhabitants of this web site. Build others up and we all RISE!! PLEASE DO come along for what is going to be a WILD ride! It has been, so far. This business Idea has been given to me straight from GOD him/her self. No Kidding! (I could never think ½ this stuff up). Do not denigrate yourself or others by joining this agreement, and then waisting every ones’ time trying to explain to others that you are dissatisfied with the terms above and/or did not understand this agreement. It is Complex, but we are basically joining forces to sell your ART. That requires you provide TGAClub with licenses that give TGAClub percentage (some low, some high) ownership of each piece of physical and digital files art individually. Our recommendation is that you bring one piece of art to us at a time. If you are ever dissatisfied with the above arrangement then you can stop any future postings. Any previously entered license agreements will continue to run in perpetuity and are irrevocable, as stated above.

We wish to keep your uploaded files in perpetuity, however we commit to guaranteeing that your files will be on the site for at least two years. If there is commissionable commerce($100.00 US minimum) with those files after two years, they will remain on the site for at least another two years.