refund policy

Subscription refunds: If the subscriber wants a refund during the first year of subscription they must request the refund before 6 months is over. If the subscriber request a refund before 6 months has passed they will receive half of the full subscription price. After 6 months and during the subsequent years there are no refunds. Subscriptions can be renewed automatically.

Purchase refunds: There are no refunds for downloads of files that cost $ 1.oo.

Original artwork purchases will be refunded during the first 7 days after a purchase. 90% of that item will be refunded after the item is received by the Artist, or TGAClub.

Sponsorship fees are never refunded. (fees vary).

Crowdfunding fees are never refunded. (fees vary).

Any fees paid by the subscriber to upload art will not be refunded. ($ 10.00)

Any competition starting fees are non-refundable. ($ 125.00)